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FOSHAN SHUNDE LIANGDING FURNITURE CO.,LTD has been established from 2005 until now, has been practicing the 4 principles with heart and soul:" the most trendy design;the most reliable quality; the most reasonable price ;and the most excellent after service." Our products have been popular in Taiwan,Cambodia,Singapore,Indonesia,India,Dubai,USA and so on.
 Foshan Shunde Liangding Furniture Co.,Ltd. is located at the  No.9. Xingye Road. Tanxi Industrial Area.Longjiang Town.Shunde District, Foshan City. We have the license to run lmp. &Exp. Business directly with any country.  Our business range: Hardware mechanical, mattress machinery, mattress  accessories and furniture ect.
"We pay more attention on quality and after sales service, we know quality it is only the way to make long term business.
Offering us an opportunity, you will find an excellent supplier of furniture in China."

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