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  • 商品名称: QL-CW-003 Semi automatic

Functional Characteristic
It is a designated machine which can assemble the unit spring into boned mattress.It is designed for assembling the springs both up and down side.materialsfers and cutting the tow endings automatically.It only needs one worker to operate.The number of platoon of boned mattress can be controlled through setting the program of computer.

Technical parameters
Output 60-80PCS/8 hours
Max width 2000mm
Applicable wire dia Φ1.2-Φ1.5mm
Spring wire Φ2.0-Φ2.4mm
Eexternal spring dia 68mm Jaws(Φ65-Φ70mm) 72mm Jaws(Φ70-Φ76mm) 80mm Jaws(Φ76-Φ85mm)
Sring height 80-180mm
Ttl power 4.1Kw
Mesurement 3100*9600*1900mm
Weight 950Kg