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  • 商品名称: QL-YH-70 Fully automatic

Functional Characteristic
This is the automatic equipment which can produce the springs applicable to mattress car cushine.It can finish all of procesures including coiling.Knotting,heat treatment and neating.On the basis of LYHJ-60 Auto-spring coiler machine,this equipment had improved the design to reduce the noise and the dust pollution;raised the human-machine interface to make the speed control system and adjust the heating treatment and automatic lubricating system more conveiently. It can be used well with LCWJ-03 automaitc unit-spring assemble for mattress manufacturers.

Technical parameters
Production capacity 70PCS/min
Spring dia Φ65-Φ85mm
Wire dia Φ1.8-Φ2.4mm
Spring height 80-200mm
Spring ring 4-9rings
Heat treatment power 1.5Kw
Ttl power 5.5Kw
Measurement 1700*1600*1200mm
Weight 1200Kg