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  • 商品名称: QL-DZ-1 Semi-auto pocket spring machine

Functional Characteristic
QL-DZ-1 Semi-auto pocket spring machine is and ideal equipment for manufacturing the mattess pocket spring coils and sofa cushion,it load and pack the barrel and cylinder shape spring coil into the pocket,and reserve the trim space for usage requirement automatically,and the form rows of pocket springs.special protective device for safeguard.

Technical parameters
Work power 220、50/60Hz single-phase
Applicable spring type Cylindrical and barrel shape spring
Machine power


Pocket spring height 70-180mm/80-210mm/150-300mm
Air consumption 0.75 m³ /min
Applicable spring dia Φ60-Φ75/Φ70-Φ85
Machine weight 500kg
Work efficiency 52PCS/min